How Do I File A Complaint About A Company? (Angie's List

Hi, This is James W. in Member Care. I'm happy to help! I’m very sorry to hear about your difficulties with this window service. We’d really like to get this information to our other members and appreciate you letting us know.

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what good is a 10% off coupon, if you must present it at

Let me give you an idea of how common this offer is, In the trade, we call it an overshill and drop, Whatever the real price is, divide it by 9 and move the decimal point and voilla a shill price. 2000 divided by 9 is 222.22 move the decimal and the shill is 2223 take 223 off and it is 2000.

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How do I use Angie's List Coupons? (Angie's List)

Good question! I imagine it varies from contractor to contractor, but for all my clients, if they mention that they found me on Angie's List, I offer the coupon discount up front (even if they do not mention it or are unaware I offer one).

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how do I find coupons offered in my local area? (Angie's

Have an appt for housecleaning service and the lady mentioned printing off a $25 coupon from Angie's List for their service. I cannot find ANY coupon for any housecleaning service in Chattanooga Tennessee area. How do I find this coupon to print it off and save $25?

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using angies list member 10% off plumbing service coupon

Coupons usually say they have to be presented at time of quote. If not, then would have to be presented upon receiving the quote so the actual contract price is right. When a contractor offers a coupon for whatever percent off, it is to drum up the business and to get a contract or an agreement on price.

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Are supplier required to honor Angies List coupons? (Angie

Are supplier required to honor Angies List coupons? Recently hired Care Heating and Cooling to replace my furnace. They would not honor the 5% off coupon. They said Angies list made a mistake and the coupon should have been for service only. The coupon has been updated on Angies list, but I am out $209 since the furnace cost $4163.

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How can I verify that the discounts from deals are off the

Of course, AL could impose such a restriction on the use of Deals or Coupons, but Deals would have to be restructure more like a coupon or $-off voucher for that to work, because as it is now AL contacts the vendor that the buyer has bought the coupon before the customer ever talks to the vendor.

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what is the safest online coupon site (Home)

The site with the most coupons is Others include SmartSource and RedPlum. These two are the inserts from the paper, and they have printable coupons. The best source I have for coupons is There is a coupon database with over 7,000 coupons in it.

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I just joined and see coupons - I can't print it out . How

Hi, This is Leah B. in Member Care, happy to help! I apologize for any trouble with a coupon. I would first make sure whether this is a Big Deal coupon offer which would need to be purchased, or a regular coupon.

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if i was to does this benefit me? do i get

i am in a tight fix right now and my roof needs either repairs or total redo..unsure but ins. company is cancelling me as of 10/04/2012and i am running out of timei might have to get another company which i am having a hard time finding one that wiill take me for these reasons.i just want to know if i join and u find a company that will fix or repair what will it cost me and do they do

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