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Bestselling Artworks. Artworks by Chinese Calligraphy Artist Zhang Guo Dong - Calligraphy Master Zhang Guo Dong is a very talented Chinese artist who is famous for his graceful and flowing style, which can be seen in all of his art but especially in his one-stroke dragon character. A fantastic talent who has been writing for over 70 years we are proud to offer the beautiful artworks of Master

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Chinese Couplet Poem Calligraphy Scroll

The left five words are hua-painting, yi-meaning, yuan-far off, shan-mountain, ming-clear. In this poem, the poet create a very quiet and leisure atmosphere, and the simple but elegant color of the rice paper and the silk border matches the poem well. I's definitely a good choise for collection.

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Double Happiness Wall Scroll - Chinese Calligraphy Store

The double happiness symbol is used for Chinese weddings and for new couples and is said to promote fidelity and get the marriage off to a good start. New couples should hang this scroll above the headboard of the bed. Item Size/Details Wall Scroll Size: 11x29 Inches Scroll Color: White Painting Size: 8x12 Inches Item Number: 0002

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