How To Make Dumplings Out Of Canned Biscuits | EHow

Chicken and dumplings is a beloved American comfort food, but most cuisines worldwide have a variation on a dumpling. They’re easy to make at home from scratch or a baking mix, but using canned biscuits makes it even easier. Roll the biscuits in egg before dropping them into boiling broth or soup.

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How to Redeem a Visa Gift Card | eHow

A Visa gift card allows you to choose your own gift, instead of getting something you might not really enjoy, for a holiday or your birthday. However, while these cards can be used just about anywhere and for any type of purchase, many people still have questions about how to redeem them and what the rules are that govern these gift cards.

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Gifts for First Time Church Visitors | eHow - eHow | eHow

Church volunteers sign up to honor the coupons. If you don't have enough volunteers at your disposal, ask local businesses to provide 50-percent-off coupons to your church's first-time visitors. If business owners need gentle persuading, offer them a discounted rate for advertising in your church's bulletin.

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Popular Company Party Prize Ideas | eHow

Paid Time Off Offer an extra vacation day or paid time off to prize winners. Providing employees with an extra day to spend with their family, run errands or simply relax is an attractive deal that encourages participation in events at the company party.

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How to Make Free Printable Drink Tickets | eHow

You're hosting a party or an event and there's going to be drinks. The best part is there are going to be drinks that are free. Giving away free drinks can be a great way to advertise an event and to lure in the guests. If you can't give away the actual drink tickets to all your attendees, then

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Garden - eHow | eHow

Backyard BBQ: 5 Ways to Keep Your Guests Happy and the Bugs Out

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Homemaking | eHow - eHow | eHow

How to Even Out a Goose Down Comforter When the Feathers Settle in the Corners

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How to Order From the Harbor Freight Catalog | eHow

Harbor Freight Tools is a chain of stores specializing in low cost, off-brand tools. Every day thousands of people nationwide make use of Harbor Freight brand tools at a significant savings. A catalog is available for convenient browsing of their current specials and is mailed out monthly to subscribers.

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How to Antique Your Ceramics | eHow - eHow | eHow

Wipe off the excess with a soft rag. Step 4 Repeat the process until the entire piece has been antiqued. Dry Brush Technique for Antiquing Ceramics Instead of applying pigment to the recessed areas of the piece, dry brushing highlights the raised areas. Apply paint in very thin layers to add a tint of color to an area you want to feature or

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How to Recycle PUR Filters | eHow - eHow | eHow

Water filters are great for purifying tap water but they all eventually stop working properly at some point. Whether you have to replace a PUR water filter that quit working or just want to upgrade to a newer model, there are several ways to recycle your old PUR filter, including taking it to a local recycling center or sending the filter to Recycle Water Filters.

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How to Boil Country Ham | eHow - eHow | eHow

This will scrape off the salt from the outside of the ham. Step 4 Put the country ham back in the large pot and fill with cold water until the ham is completely covered. Add 1 cup of molasses to the water so the ham will soak up a little sweetness. You can also add fruit juice or herbs to your water to boil the ham in.

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