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9 tips to get the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber

These apps can be set to constantly monitor different online stores. You can get updates when the prices change, automatically grab coupons, and compare prices across different sites. Stock the shopping cart about two to three weeks before the sales. There are two reasons to do this: First, it makes shopping a lot easier during the sale itself.

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How to get the best deals and sales from Lazada, Taobao

This means that, when a store blasts free coupons (such as for first purchases), you effectively get as many coupons as you have user accounts. This doesn‘t always work: you could, for example, find the coupons denied when the system realises all the accounts are using the same debit or credit card.

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8 Ways You Can Start To Save More Money | GoBear Philippines

7. Explore discounts, coupons, and promos. With the rise of online shopping platforms and the internet, it is now easier for anyone to search for lucrative promos and discounts online. Before dining out, check which restaurants would entitle you for 50% with your credit card.

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Fixed deposits vs Singapore Savings Bonds - what you need

However, the interest is not paid out immediately. SSB pay interest in the form of coupons. For every year you keep the SSB, the coupon “steps up”. If you’re able to keep the SSB for a maximum of 10 years, the interest rate earned would be between two to three per cent. Another major difference is flexibility.

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8 Popular E-Wallets Trending in Malaysia Right Now

This app started off as a lifestyle loyalty and prepaid top-up-app, however it has since pivoted into a full-fledged digital wallet. Now, its users get to collect loyalty rewards, send and receive e-vouchers, transfer money, and so much more. Unlike other e-wallets, it extends cashless payment to hawker stalls, Ramadhan bazaars, and pasar malams.

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9 Ways You Can Invest in Yourself For Self-Improvement

Some customers just buy on impulse upon seeing promo codes, discount coupons, and sale. Save more money by fighting the temptation of owning something you want more than you need. Self-control needs practice and you can start right away by getting rid of unnecessary items in your shopping cart.

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Travelling to Malaysia by car? Read this first. | GoBear

This is either done on the parking meters, or using parking coupons that you can buy from convenience stores. Tip: Parking in JB is free on Fridays. Do plan your petrol refuels and monitor your fuel gauge carefully as some stretches of road will not have a petrol station for over 40 km.

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