How To Calculate Heater Size | Hunker

How to Calculate Heater Size. To heat an area like an outbuilding or new building, you must calculate what size heater you need. Once you make your calculations, you can decide on the best choice for a type of heater and how many BTUs (British Thermal Unit, the standard heat measurement) you need.

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Home, Decor, and Organization Stores That Offer Teacher

Barnes & Noble has an educator program you can sign up for that gives teachers at 20% off books, toys, and other classroom items. On top of that, there are special promotions with even better discounts. Now through September 15 on Saturday and Sunday, teachers get special discounts of 25% almost everything and 10% off care in store and online.

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How to Replace Rubbed off Numbers on a GE Profile Cooktop

The numbers on a GE Profile glass cooktop are there to help you gauge the temperature settings of the control knobs adequately, but they can wear off. Perhaps you've cleaned the stovetop a little too energetically, you used the wrong kind cleaner or you spilled hot liquids one too many times.

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My Outdoor Inflatables Will Not Inflate After Having Been

Nothing squashes holiday cheer or puts an end to the fun faster than an inflatable bounce house or outdoor decoration that falls flat. While many of these products are designed to be stored until needed, rips, tears and mechanical or electrical issues can keep them from properly inflating when you're ready to use them.

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How to Remove an Empty Bottle From a Swiffer WetJet | Hunker

The Swiffer Wet Jet is a handy tool to have to clean flooring. Its ease of use, efficiency at removing dirt and dust and its relatively inexpensive cost make cleaning easier. The traditional mop and bucket is replaced by the Swiffer Wet Jet cleaning system, which includes Swiffer Wet Jet cleaners.

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How to Clean Black Lacquer Finish | Hunker

Lacquer is a protective wood finish. Black lacquer is commonly used on pianos and other fine furnishings. Glossy lacquer shows fingerprints and dust very easily, but you will find that most lacquered furniture, glossy finished or satin finished, is simple to clean and to keep clean--especially if you avoid letting anyone place moist items (water glasses, for example) on these pieces and you

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How to Troubleshoot a Touchless Trashcan | Hunker

Minimize contact with germ-ridden trashcans and use a touchless trashcan. Such products integrate a simple motion sensor and motor to lift the trashcan's cover when you're near it, keeping your home sanitary and clean.

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Homemade Rat and Mice Spray Repellent | Hunker

Mice and rat invasions are cumbersome and often pricey. They chew through materials and litter surfaces with bedding and droppings. Many find it inhumane to kill the rodents in traps, so they turn to alternative repellents. Homemade spray repellents are an ideal alternative to rodent traps.

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How to Remove Rust From Pavers | Hunker

Finish off the stain with a dose of white vinegar. Pour it directly on the stained areas and cover the saturated area with a cleaning rag to keep it damp. Allow the vinegar to stay for 15 minutes before scrubbing it aggressively with the scrub brush.

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How to Attach Mop Pads to the Swiffer | Hunker

Mopping your floors with a Swiffer can make the difference between lugging around multiple cleaning products and using one lightweight sweeper. The Swiffer doubles as a cleaning tool used for sweeping and mopping, using unscented or scented static dry cloths for sweeping and wet cloths for mopping.

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How to Open a Gojo Soap Dispenser | Hunker

Squeeze the top of the Gojo soap dispenser, pressing the sides in toward each other. A latch secures the cover of the dispenser at the top and may be hard to open the first few times you refill your soap dispenser.

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