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Mom Time Coupons - iMom

Mom Time Coupons. Give your kids what they really want—more time with you! Surprise your children with iMOM’s Mom Time Coupons for hours of memory-making fun. More Like This. Christmas Prayers Printable . 2021 Mom is a Verb Printable Signature iMOM Calendar . 10 Ways to Pray for Our Country .

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50 Ways to Save Money - iMom

Most table service restaurants charge $1.50-$2.00 per soda or tea. Encouraging (or requiring) your crew to have water with their meals saves money (like $10 off your tab for a family of five), and cuts down on empty calories consumed. 9. Do your own lawn maintenance.

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Take it off and Put it On! - iMom

Ex: I’m going to take off the feeling of failure that I felt after my pop-quiz today and put on the feeling of success that I felt after I turned in my book report. Failure Success

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You Can Do It Chart {100 Day} - iMom

The 100 Day You Can Do It chart will help your children stay motivated and focused as they strive to reach a goal. Every day you can celebrate a small victory by checking a day off on the chart. Once the chart is completed you will have a huge victory to celebrate!

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In Our House - iMom

Picture this… you drop the kids off at school and return home to a cup of coffee, made beds, a clean kitchen, and a fed dog… no, it’s not too good to be true. It is actually possible with a little training, motivation and a plan.

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How to Help a Child Deal with Embarrassment in 4 Areas - iMom

But as our kids get older and the diaper bag goes to Goodwill, a bathroom accident can take us off guard. First, just knowing that older kids can have an occasional accident is good to keep in mind. Don’t allow shock and anger (or your own embarrassment) to overcome you. When you see that the accident happened, just help him or her to get

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Are You Letting These Things Steal Your Joy? - iMom

The person making the rude comment is not, in some sense. He’s angry or grumpy or just got laid off or is experiencing any number of issues that are hindering his ability to be loving and give grace. So it’s sad for him. But you can move on with your day and still be OK. 2. Disappointing Circumstances. Things get canceled.

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4 Ways to Deal with Your Teenager's Independence - iMom

First off, it may help to realize that the desperate pursuit of independence is nothing new. In its selfish form, it’s been causing problems since the human race first arrived on the planet. And as our kids seek a positive, necessary form of freedom, we can look for ways to help them understand the deeper spiritual need revealed by that

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Get Out of Debt with the Debt Snowball Plan - iMom

In this article, financial expert, Dave Ramsey, explains how the debt snowball approach to getting out of debt works. Myth: I should pay off the debt with the highest interest rate first to get out of debt quickly. Truth: You should pay off the smallest debt first to create the greatest momentum in your debt snowball. The math seems to lean more toward paying the highest interest debts first

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3 Ways to Cool Off an Angry Child - iMom

My son has a small basketball hoop over his closet door that he uses to cool off when he gets upset. When he first started using it I was afraid that I was rewarding him for his angry disposition. But at some point over the last nine years, I stopped trying to control his emotions. Instead, I now focus on helping him process them.

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