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Percent word problems: tax and discount (video) | Khan Academy

Six hundredths times 12 would be 72 hundredths. And so this is going to be equal to 12. So the original price of the bracelet, before tax is $12. And you can verify that. 6% of $12, 0.06 times 12 is indeed 72 hundredths. Let's do another example. A store has a 25% off sale on coats. With this discount, the price of one coat is $34.50.

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Introduction to bonds (video) | Khan Academy

It's called a coupon because when they, when bonds were first issued, they would actually throw these little coupons on the bond itself, and the owner of the certificate could rip off or cut off one of these coupons, and then go to the person borrowing, or the entity borrowing the money, and get their actual interest payment.

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Discount, markup, and commission word problems (practice

Practice solving percent word problems involving price discounts, price markups, and commission fees.

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Summer Math Work – Khan Academy Help Center

This year, I printed out coupons for my top performers and they were able to use those coupons during the school year to take 10, 20 or 30- minutes off one of their weekly Khan assignments. (It seemed a fair trade-off to me for the amount of work that a number of these kiddos did during the summer!)

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Percent word problem: guavas (video) | Khan Academy

Some I'm just taking 30% off of the full price, off of the full price. This is how we figure out the sale price. This is going to be equal to that $12.60 right there. That's going to be equal to $12.60. I just took 30% off of the full price. And now we just do algebra. We could imagine there's a 1 in front -- you know, x is the same thing as 1x.

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Writing expressions word problems (video) | Khan Academy

- [Voiceover] The price of a visit to the dentist is $50. If the dentist fills any cavities, an additional charge of $100 per cavity gets added to the bill.

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Relationship between bond prices and interest rates (video

To start off, I'll just start with a fairly simple bond, one that does pay a coupon, and we'll just talk a little bit about what you'd be willing to pay for that bond if interest rates moved up or down. Let's start with a bond from some company. Let me just write this down. This could be company A. It doesn't just have to be from a company.

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Chapter 7: Bankruptcy liquidation (video) | Khan Academy

And we'll talk about that. But I just wanted to make it clear that that's obviously the best way to generate capital for your business is when the business itself generates capital. So let's say that these assets, when you actually sell them off, aren't worth $10 million anymore. Let me make the pointer smaller. They're worth $5 million.

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High school biology | Science | Khan Academy

If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains * and * are unblocked.

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