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Washing machine drain backing up | Terry Love Plumbing

don't forget your 20% off and free item coupons. My rule is to only buy one item per visit (if practical), that way I can get 20% off, and a free item, with each item, versus buying everything at once which results in only 20% one of them and one free item. flapper, Jul 29, 2016 #15.

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cracked toilet tank | Terry Love Plumbing Advice & Remodel

But I have a stack of 10% off coupons, plus my Credit card give me an additional 3% off as well. I will deal with them tomorrow. Hopefully they will either do what's right. If not I will call Vitra. If not I will call Visa. If not, I will order the tank from another supplier. Can't imagine if the price of my toilet comes out to $700.

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Repiping Behind Cabinets? | Terry Love Plumbing Advice

When you pass behind the stove you could cut away the drywall and a bit of each stud with a mutitool (cheap at Harbor Frieght like $20 with the coupons) to recess the pex flush with the drywall and then get a piece of flat steel and screw it to the studs to protect the pex from damage or heat from the stove then bend the pex into the back of the cabinet and run it over to the corner sink thru

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Water in bottom of tank - and - hot water in cold lines

Of course he offers coupons. But I will honor several of his coupons, if I can take them off "his" pricing. That's still a lot more then I'm used to getting. Terry, Oct 21, 2012 #3. SteveRiley New Member. Joined: Oct 21, 2012 Location: Seattle, WA. Hi, Terry. I figured you'd recognize the installer. When the original water heater fell apart in

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Repairing a Pressure-Assisted Toilet | Terry Love Plumbing

Southwest and Beacon have $50 off coupons in the phone book, but it still pretty much looks like I'm running a two-for-one deal compared to them. No wonder they can afford the big yachts and hydroplanes. Last edited: Apr 24, 2008. Terry, Sep 16, 2007 #8. Master Plumber Mark Sensitivity trainer and plumber of mens souls. Joined:

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Mid-priced Toilet, 10" Rough: Kohler or Am Standard

Online merchants don't get to do that, nor do merchants that post their prices. Also, as I said, plenty of merchants put coupons in the paper with crazy percentage discounts just to drive business into the store, and spend money on advertising, and have occasional sales, all to generate business.

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Where to purchase Fleck5600 | Terry Love Plumbing Advice

NXT- Network controller uses on-board communication capabilities to link multiple valves (via off-the-shelf CAT3, CAT5, or better cables) for system types 4,5,6,7, and 9. XTR- Offers a two-line, 16 character LCD backlit display for easy entering of master and user programing as well as view of diagnostics.

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Cost to duct small house for HVAC ?? | Terry Love Plumbing

5 or six air outlets totalling about 80 feet of smaller duct off the main plenum. Would have to supply the square to round transition off the installed hvac unit. Its a rental, one floor, 24 x 46 feet footprint. simple box. You can stand up in the attic easily and it has a standard staircase acess.

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Use of salt with red out and cleaner | Terry Love Plumbing

Okay, I've got my answer. Diamond Crystal states that its Sun Gems with red out is designed for iron removal up to 2 ppm cLear waterm iron. For water supplies with iron above this, you should also use a resin cleaner in addition to the red out pellets.

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Swing check valve repair/replace | Terry Love Plumbing

I do not know what the model or brand is - the only markings on the valve are 200WOG. There is a small hex head bolt, I am assuming for the hinge, and a large nut on top that looks removable. If it is a simple process to drop the pressure, pull off the cover and clean it/check for wear, I will tackle it before ripping everything apart to replace.

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