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How Transmaw Food Services is Responding to the Coronavirus. In the wake of the Coronavirus, our highest priority is to do our part to help ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers while meeting our service commitments. Below are the things that we are doing to help our community stay safe.

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Apetamin Vitamin Syrup $19.99 | Transmaw Food Services

Apetamin works to stimulate your appetite and lets you hold down the calories so you gain healthy weight. This is where to buy affordable Apetamin and show off your curves! Buy up to 4 for a 4 week supply. Click here to read how one customer gained 35lbs with Apetamin and her steps for success. For wholesale Apetamin orders, click here. For dropship, click here.

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Apetamin Syrup - How Tatiana gained 35 lbs | Transmaw Food

I ordered one bottle of it and started off taking 5ml three times a day. The first day it made me so sleepy, but that’s the only side effect. It makes you sleepy the first one or two days. After that you’ll be fine. Since I was at school at the time, what I’d do is start taking 5ml three times a day after school.

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