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Actived: Monday Jan 25, 2021

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Promotions Policy – Udemy

Where a student applies your coupon code or course referral link at checkout, your revenue share will be 97% of the Net Amount less any applicable deductions, such as student refunds. Alternatively, you may be able to generate 100%-off coupons to offer your paid course for free.

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Pricing & Coupons – Udemy

Edit the coupon code if you wish (the coupon code must be between 6 and 20 characters, and can only contain alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) , periods ("."), dashes ("-") or underscores ("_"). Click Review coupon to double check the coupon’s details; Click Create coupon; You cannot edit a coupon once it has been created.

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Coupons & Course Referral Links: Rules and Guidelines – Udemy

Coupons and course referral links allow instructors to promote their Udemy courses to students on and off the platform. Coupons and course referral links are allowed only in promotional emails and the Bonus Lecture. They cannot be used anywhere else on the Udemy platform, because once students enter a course, they expect a safe learning environment where they will not be “sold” to.

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Promote Your Course With Coupons and Referral Links

Creating coupons and referring students is an important part of any instructor's promotional strategy. When students use your coupon or referral link to enroll in your course, you will receive 97% of the revenue share.. This article explains course referral links and the different types of coupons instructors can create for their courses.

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Unofficial Udemy Coupon Codes and Promotional

Join Facebook coupon code groups. Routinely post promotional code announcements to all FB groups. Schedule promotional announcement for Monday-Thursday, 3:30pm PST. Send promotional announcements to small groups or individual courses. Create a promotional announcement schedule log. Price your courses at $19.99 or $199.99

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Coupon Codes when Udemy has its own Sale - Udemy

I see an awkward problem with the coupons. The minimum coupon value is $9.99 (or its equivalent in other currencies with the pricing matrix). Udemy almost always has a sale happening for $9.99 - $11.99 on all courses. I wouldn't want to give e.g. a $19.99 coupon for my course and the students wo

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Course Settings – Udemy

Instructors will not receive the appropriate revenue share if the coupon code is not applied before the student enrolls. If you are using instructor coupon codes, it is recommended that you protect your course with a password instead to help ensure the coupon code is redeemed before the student enrolls.

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Free Coupons can lead to account suspension!! - Udemy

About 60 people who showed interest were enrolled using those free coupons. From these, i believe not more than 2 people would have given rating / review. Before this, my course, over a period of about 5 months since launch, already had over 200 students, about 50 reviews and a rating of 4.2., none of which came from free coupons.

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Guide to Growing Your Traffic | Udemy Blog

Here’s how a fellow instructor did it: During the workshop of let’s say 200 students, he makes 10 coupons available for free (given to students who were the first to participate), 10 coupons for 80% off and opens the coupon live for his paid course. This creates excitement and immediate registration into his paid course.

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Certificated course in Marketing | Udemy

Basics in Marketing {coupon code: MARKETING9.99} Hello,and welcome to my course Cerificated Course in Marketing. Ce cours vous donne les connaissances de base en marketing pour apprendre tout le vocabulaire et les outils dont vous avez besoin.

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